IMG_6967Hannah Link received her MBA in Wine Business from Sonoma State University and has been working in the wine and spirits industry for five years. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she now resides in Napa and supports the Bottle Barn team as the Assistant Manager of Marketing & eCommerce.

Passionate about sustainability, she has done research on sustainability marketing in the wine industry and achieved her WSET 2 with distinction.

For collaboration or consulting requests and inquiries, email deyoungvine@gmail.com.

Twitter and Instagram here.

The Legal Stuff

The opinions expressed here by Hannah, any guest bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone.  They do not reflect the opinions of Hannah’s current employer, Hannah’s previous employers, Hannah’s family members or anyone else in Hannah’s life.  These are Hannah’s personal thoughts, opinions and jokes and no one has editorial control over the content on this site but her.

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  1. Millionaire's Digest says:

    Dear Hannah,

    I’m K&L, the Founder & CEO of the Millionaire’s Digest Magazine, and I recently received your application requesting to become a writer for our magazine, and so this is just a my letter to you to let you know that I have completely looked over and have accepted you to become a writer for our Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, and Travel Magazine!

    Now what happens next is that there is nothing that really happens next. Another words, there is no invitation or email that you have to go and check as the invitation for our magazine is only sent out 12 times a year which always happens at the beginning of the month. (Usually the first day.)

    This is just my letter to you as the CEO, just to let you know that I have accepted your request and have added you to our list full of magazine writers who I send the invitations out to every month.

    The only thing that changes now is that at the beginning of every month, you will want to make sure to check your email as you will receive your invitation which will include the following:
    -Announcements on the next magazine edition(s) that we are coming out with.
    -Instructions on the magazine(s) such as how and where to go to submit your articles.
    -The deadline on when the last day is to turn in your articles. (Usually 7 days prior the date after the invitation is sent out, that way everyone has a full week to get their articles written out, rather than just one day.)
    -Who the magazine(s) are for. (Which magazine writers they are for.)
    -The private form to submit your articles.
    -How long your articles need to be.
    -And everything else that I know you are going to want to ask me about.

    Other than that, if you have any other questions, you’re always welcome to ask me and I will kindly make sure to help get them answered for you.

    If not, than I hope you have a nice rest of the day, and thank you!

    Millionaire’s Digest Magazine Founder & CEO

    1. Hannah DeYoung says:

      Wonderful, thanks so much! I’m really looking forward to it.

      As far as questions go I’m all set for now, but if I think of anything I will let you know!


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