Hannah offers a variety of digital communications and branding services depending on the organization’s specific needs. To request a free consult, email her at deyoungvine@gmail.com.

Services Offered: 
Website & Social Media Management
Web Design & Development
Writing, Copywriting & Content Creation
Photography & Videography

Website & Social Media Management 

Bottle Barn 
A Wine, Beer & Spirits Store 

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Web Design & Development 

Elysium Construction

Writing, Copywriting & Content Creation

Bottle Barn, Assistant Marketing Manager
Currently producing all email content, blog posts, web and social media content

Wine Business Journal, Guest Contributor
Napa Green: Funding Nonprofit Social Ventures in Crisis

DeYoung Vine, Personal Blog
All Posts Published

Instagram content creation for brands such as Frank Family Vineyards, Ettitude, Lepe Cellars, Faire la Fete, West + Wilder, Longford Estate, Ryder Estate and more.

Huffington Post, Guest Contributor
My Account of the Boston Marathon Bombing, from the Finish Line, Published 4/16/13
A Town on Lockdown, Published 4/19/13

Woof Magazine, Web Editor & Contributor
Boozing on A Budget, Woof Magazine
12 Résumés You Wish Were Yours, Woof Magazine
10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Time Abroad, Woof Magazine
Neighborhood Eats, Woof Magazine 
Over Occupy Northeastern, Woof Magazine
10 Tips to Land the Job, Woof Magazine 

Dog Sport Magazine, Guest Contributor
“American Invasion: Tori Self goes to Crufts 2012”

Photography & Videography 

Resolution Wines, Website & Social Media Imagery
Bottle Barn, Website & Social Media Imagery & Videography

To see Hannah’s prior work experience and formal certifications, find her on LinkedIn.

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