5 Things You Need to Know Before Wine Tasting in Napa

As someone who’s spent a fair amount of time out tasting (and working a tasting room) in Napa Valley, I can honestly say it’s not what you’d expect. Glitz and wine-filled glamour? Sure! But to make the most of it, it takes a little more preparation than just showing up day of ready to drink….

Wine Clubs: To Join or Not to Join?

If you love wine, joining a wine club is probably one of the most tempting things to do in the world. Whether it’s with your favorite winery, online, or with a wine shop, there’s about a million ways to spend your entire paycheck on bottles and we’re here for it. However if you’re not in…

The 9 Best Things About Living in Napa

Let’s face it, Napa’s lit. A small town surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the world, there are far worse things you could do than spend a few months of your life here. Sure, housing’s through the roof and there’s an endless stream of tourists to compete with on the weekends, but none of that matters….