7 Things to Pack for a Weekend in Napa

If you’ve never been here, it can be hard to know just what to bring to make your weekend in wine country the best it can be! Northern California weather can be somewhat temperamental, and if you plan on wine tasting all day and staying up late your body may need a little extra support….

5 Things You Need to Know Before Wine Tasting in Napa

As someone who’s spent a fair amount of time out tasting (and working a tasting room) in Napa Valley, I can honestly say it’s not what you’d expect. Glitz and wine-filled glamour? Sure! But to make the most of it, it takes a little more preparation than just showing up day of ready to drink….

Wine Clubs: To Join or Not to Join?

If you love wine, joining a wine club is probably one of the most tempting things to do in the world. Whether it’s with your favorite winery, online, or with a wine shop, there’s about a million ways to spend your entire paycheck on bottles and we’re here for it. However if you’re not in…

The 9 Best Things About Living in Napa

Let’s face it, Napa’s lit. A small town surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the world, there are far worse things you could do than spend a few months of your life here. Sure, housing’s through the roof and there’s an endless stream of tourists to compete with on the weekends, but none of that matters….