You found it! This page is for passing on savings with as many of my favorite brands and companies as I can. If you have any questions about any of them let me know!

Sustainable Living 

Package Free – If you’ve been trying to reduce waste and live as plastic free as possible, this online shop is a godsend. To get $10 off your first order of $40 or more, click here.

Beauty + Health

HUM Nutrition – I’m a big fan of supplements, and besides the fact they come in plastic bottles these are currently my favorite. Most of their vitamins are vegan and worth checking out if you want to change up your daily regimen! My current favorites include their Daily Cleanse™ (works wonders for the skin) and Wing Man™ (great for the liver working in the wine industry). Use the code 17DA29 to get $10 off!

Thrive Market – If you’re like me and truly care about what you’re putting both into and on your body, this app is a game changer. With discounts on tons of major natural, organic, and chemical-free products it’s like Whole Foods but better. You can search by dietary restriction or specific features and find everything from groceries and makeup to cleaning products. Plus every order over $50 ships free!

For 15% off your first order, click here.

Sustainable Fashion

Alo Yoga – Some of the coziest, coolest casual sportswear made in LA and they’re sweat-shop free and environmentally friendly to boot. For 10% off your first order, click here.

Outdoor Voices – If you’re into workout gear you’ve probably already heard of this brand, but I’m obsessed. Each piece is comfortable, ethical and stylish as can be. For $20 off your first order click here.

Thinx – Period-proof underwear. Seriously. It’s a game-changer. For $10 off click here.


Airbnb – If you’ve never used Airbnb, now’s your chance! Not only does it allow you to stay in some of the coolest, most affordable accommodations around the world, but by using this link you get $40 off your first booking!


Honey – A plug-in for Google Chrome, Honey automatically applies any coupons in their database to your order as you’re checking out! And while it doesn’t always work, every now and then it saves me $5 or $10 so it’s totally worth the 2 minute install. To add it now, click here.