Wine Clubs: To Join or Not to Join?

If you love wine, joining a wine club is probably one of the most tempting things to do in the world. Whether it’s with your favorite winery, online, or with a wine shop, there’s about a million ways to spend your entire paycheck on bottles and we’re here for it. However if you’re not in a position to blow thousands a year on wine you may never even drink, here’s a few ways you can still get affordable, great wine.

For Beginners

You know you like drinking wine. You generally know if you want a white or red with dinner, but that’s about it. Don’t worry! While the world of wine can be overwhelming, learning about it doesn’t have to be.

For starters, try whatever you can afford in the supermarket or local liquor store and pay attention. What are you drinking tonight? Where’s it from? What do you smell and taste? And the biggie, do you like it? The great thing about larger supermarkets is that some times they have a deal where if you buy six bottles or more at once you get 10-30% off! And if you know you’re going to drink them anyway, why not?

If you know you’re ready to try more wine from all over the world, but are still learning, consider something like Winc. With Winc, you get sent 3+ bottles a month for roughly $12/bottle. They’ll recommend a few but you can choose yourself, so choose wisely! For $20 worth of free wine, click here.

I don’t recommend Bright Cellars (the one with tons of ads from MIT grads), but Winc has a little more consistency with quality. That being said, there have been some bottles I love and some I hate, so just use it for learning until you’re ready for the big leagues.

For the More Advanced

Thanks to a lot of trial and error, you’ve done it! You know what you like and don’t like. You also know that in order to continue to learn and discover great wines, you can’t just drink the same thing every night.

So what now? It’s time to get a little more creative with where the bottles you’re drinking are coming from. While the supermarket is fine in a pinch, it’s time to branch out to wine stores and specialty shops. Or if you can afford it, even visiting the wine regions themselves!

One of the best ways to know you like what you’re buying is to go tasting at wineries and try before you buy. Plus, if you love everything you taste and know you’d drink 12 bottles a year, then maybe it’s time to think about joining their wine club!

And when visiting the wineries themselves isn’t possible, try to drink your way around the world. See what a certain region in France is known for and go find a bottle to share with friends.

The more you taste the more you learn, so if you see a bottle you can afford that looks interesting, go for it! Don’t spend all your money on expensive bottles you’ll never want to open. There are more than enough great wines in the world for $30 or less.

For the Experts

Why are you even reading this? You know you’re cellar’s already full of tantalizing bottles from the past few years. Get out there and start drinking, and let us know what you think!

TL;DR–Taking any and all wine recommendations in the comments.


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