Things I miss about California when I’m away:

  1. My family and friends.
    The people who get me, love me, and I always know I can trust.
  2. The weather.
    Nothing beats California sunshine. Nothing.
  3. My blue Honda Ridgeline, Logan.
    With all the time we spent together over the years, it’s like leaving a part of me.
  4. Driving long distances.
    My favorite way to calm down and get back to who I really am.
  5. The people.
    Californians are still the most open-minded, easy-going but brilliant people I’ve ever met in any region.
  6. The culture of it all. Especially Los Angeles.
    There’s nothing like it. It may not have the same kind of years of human history Western Europe does, but it does have a history far beyond the Spanish settlements. And a lifestyle all its own in the LA area.
  7. Spanish music on the radio.
    Don’t know why, but I love it and sincerely miss having it around.
  8. 4-H.
    The California 4-H Youth Development Program has a special place in my heart that no program I participate in can really compare to.
  9. The ocean.
    Especially the brilliant glow of sunset over it’s salty waters.
  10. The hills.
    They’re so unique and so definitely part of the region. And I love them.

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