Hannah’s Links of the Week // March 8th

Inspiration can come from anywhere–a walk through the snow, a movie, a blog–so this week I’m sharing a few of my favorite inspirations from all over the webisphere! Enjoy!
  1. MOVE. It doesn’t take much to inspire me to travel, but MOVE does more than that. It makes me smile like crazy every time I watch it. And for that reason it is still one of my favorite videos of all time.
  2. Take a peek inside my beauty cabinet… With the endless options, ever wondered what products a Vogue beauty editor uses? I have! Alexandra Brown’s story will give you lots of new ideas and brands to try for yourself. (And yes, this is from Vogue Australia, because lately I’ve like their online content even better then Vogue America’s)
    Vogue Australia Beauty Picks
  3.  The Glitter Guide. Okay ladies if you haven’t heard of this site you need to get out of that rock you’ve been living under and check it out. TGG has everything from awesome DIYS to style to home decor.
    The Glitter Guide
  4. Your Life Is A Journey of Preparation: 25 Things To Do Along the Way. I love this list. Best 30 second read of the day, and definitely worth remembering to look at every now and then.
    Life is Preparation + Opportunity
  5. 50 Best Cheap Date Ideas. This list is seriously too good to pass up! Just goes to show how many ways there are to spend time with that special someone for little to no money. Love it.
    50 Best Cheap Date Ideas

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