31 Reasons You Should Go to Northeastern

Deciding where to go to college isn’t always easy. Every school may seem great for different reasons, and it can be tough to tell where you will really fit in from a couple pamphlets, brochures, or books full of statistics and dated opinions.

Enter this list. Maybe you’ve heard of Northeastern University before, maybe you haven’t. For the past few months, in between classes I’ve been giving the admissions information sessions to prospective students and families, explaining what going to Northeastern means in a quick 45 minutes before sending them out on tour. And while it’s a wonderful experience, not everyone always has the good fortune of being able to visit before applying, so for the rest, here’s 31 reasons why Northeastern could be right for you.

(Hint: Click on things. You never know where they’ll take you.)

1.  You learn best by doing.

2.  You think the city’s pretty great.

3.  But still want a gorgeous campus.
Northeastern Virtual Campus Tour

4.  And a sweet neighborhood.
Back Bay

5.  And to make money.
Average Co-op Salary

6.  And to start your career.

7.  Because you’re smart.
Northeastern Academic Profile Fall 2013

8.  And love to travel.
Northeastern Study Abroad

9.  And love the idea of having the freedom to choose what you want your education to look like.
Northeastern 4 or 5

10.  And wouldn’t mind an extra year of living the dream.
5 Years, 18 months on your resume

11.  Or having friends from all over the world.

12.  And 3D printers, the oldest indoor hockey rink in the world, the site of the first world series, and the only Taco Bell in Boston all on your campus.
Matthews Arena - Northeastern University

13.  You’re truly great at what you do.
Nor'Easters 2013 ICCA Champions
14.  You know exactly what you want to do in the future.
CEO, Bitch.

15.  You don’t know exactly what you want to do in the future.

16.  You want to get involved.
Campus Life

17.  And be surrounded by people studying engineering, business, health, liberal arts, and the sciences.
Majors at Northeastern

18.  You’re opportunistic.

19.  And cool with walking pretty much everywhere.
Healthy Walking Neighborhoods

20.  You like the idea of living 10 minutes from Fenway Park.
Fenway Park

21.  And everything else you could possibly need.
Nearby Northeastern

22.  You think you’re pretty green.
Northeastern Sustainability

23.  You connect on with husky puppies on an emotional level.
Husky Puppies

24.  You want to stay active.
Stay Active

25.  And be around tons of young people.
Northeastern Underwear Run

26.  And aren’t intimidated by cars. Or buses. Or trains.
Just Cross the Street

27.  Or never knowing exactly what ‘year’ you are.

28.  Because you solve things by thinking outside the box.

29.  And to deserve to get an education beyond the classroom.
21 & Over

30.  Because you want to be inspired by people around you who are changing the world.
Northeastern: Changing the World

31.  Because you’re going to change the world.
Change the World

Photos courtesy of the internet.


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