Northeastern Bucket List

I don’t even know where to begin when thinking about this past semester. All I know is somehow I made it out alive on the other side, and that means this is it. I have exactly one year left at Northeastern, 362 days until I graduate and my undergraduate career is over. Real, world here I come.

But before all that nonsense begins, I thought I should at least check in and see how I was doing on my college bucket list so far. Because who knows where the next year will take us. And don’t worry, I’ll keep adding to it and updating the score along the way, in case you care about my progress and want to help.

So here goes nothing.

  1. Go on coop.
  2. Study abroad.
  3. Do the underwear run.
  4. See a game at Fenway Park.
  5. Go to the Homecoming hockey game.
  6. Volunteer at the Marathon.
  7. Join a sorority.
  8. Take a little.
  9. Win Greek Sing.
  10. Go sailing.*
  11. Go skydiving.
  12. Jump in the reflecting pool.
  13. Go to Cape Cod.*
  14. Walk the Freedom Trail.
  15. Visit New York City.
  16. Interview President Aoun.
  17. Enjoy a real snow day.
  18. Give an info session in admissions.
  19. Go on Alternative Spring Break.
  20. Go to a Bruins game.
  21. Visit Martha’s Vineyard.
  22. Go to a Celtics game.
  23. Throw an amazing holiday party.
  24. Get drinks at Top of the Hub.
  25. Take a selfie with Aoun.*
  26. Take a picture with Paws.
  27. Take a picture with King Husky.
  28. Take a picture with the husky statue.
  29. Go to the Beanpot.
  30. Steal a set of something from Stetty East.
  31. Dance on the Blackman stage.
  32. Go to the Hamptons.
  33. Celebrate Winesdays in the summer.
  34. Watch the 4th of July Fireworks over the Charles.
  35. Go kayaking on the Charles.
  36. Visit the Harbor Islands.
  37. See a Patriot’s game at Gillette.
  38. Go apple picking in the fall.
  39. Visit Six Flags New England.
  40. See a concert at Fenway Park.
  41. Meet with someone at Google’s Cambridge office.
  42. Go to the New England Aquarium.
  43. Go to a party at Harvard.
  44. Be known by name at Conor’s.*
  45. Be known by name at Our House.*
  46. Tan on the Curry Sun Deck.
  47. Grill on the deck in the summertime.
  48. Go to the farmer’s market at Faneuil.
  49. Go on Jews Cruise.
  50. Do a scavenger hunt around the city.
  51. Hubway in the summer.
  52. Eat in Chinatown.
  53. Go camping in New England.
  54. Go hiking in New England.
  55. Spend a day at Harvard.
  56. Visit Rhode Island.
  57. Day trip to Maine.
  58. Go out in Allston.
  59. Drink in Club Snell.
  60. Go out in Cambridge.
  61. Swim in the rooftop pool at the Colonnade.
  62. Go to the ledge again with juice boxes + nips.
  63. Drink a husky bowl at Conor’s.
  64. Become part of the Huntington 100.
  65. Run for Mayor of Huntington Ave.
  66. Make it into the Northeastern News.
  67. Volunteer at TEDxCambridge.
  68. Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
  69. Finish a personal pitcher at Conor’s.
  70. Play Mario Kart at Conor’s.
  71. Visit the Harvard Natural History Museum.
  72. Go to an away formal.
  73. Go on a duck tour.
  74. Go to the Museum of Fine Arts.
  75. Do Relay for Life.
  76. See a show at the House of Blues.
  77. Have a ‘bonfire’ on the deck.
  78. Ride the swan boats in the Public Garden.
  79. Drink with a professor.
  80. Spend a day on the beach in Naragansett.
  81. Design, organize and facilitate a sorority retreat from scratch.
  82. Go to an MIT party.
  83. Go out in the seaport district.
  84. Road trip to Canada.*
  85. Go to a rooftop party.
  86. Make a movie.
  87. Be in the city when we win the World Series.
  88. Be in the city when we win the Super Bowl.
  89. Get my bartending license.
  90. Do professional photography.
  91. Go shopping on Newbury.
  92. Go ice skating in the Common.
  93. Run to the aquarium and back.
  94. Drink during class.
  95. Win something from Hong Kong.
  96. Go to a rooftop party in Manhattan.
  97. See another show on Broadway.
  98. Go to a drive-thru movie.
  99. Tour the Downeast Brewery.
  100. Tour the Sam Adam’s Brewery.
  101. Tour the Harpoon Brewery.
  102. Eat and drink at Lolita’s again.
  103. See a show at the Bank of America Pavillion.
  104. Go to a toga party.
  105. Win and use a happy hour at Mija’s.
  106. Skinny dip in the ocean.
  107. Drink at the bar that puts ducks in drinks.
  108. Go to Drink (the bar).
  109. Go to SOWA Vintage Market.
  110. Get published on a national scale.
  111. Eat at a food truck by campus.
  112. Visit the Institute of Contemporary Art.
  113. Write for a student publication.
  114. Hold multiple leadership positions at once.
  115. Get into a bar before turning 21.
  116. Spend a summer afternoon on the esplanade.
  117. Spend a spring break on the beach with friends.
  118. Go home with a local for Thanksgiving.
  119. Attempt to cook Thanksgiving dinner.
  120. Celebrate New Years with friends.
  121. Do Vegas right.
  122. Road trip every summer with the babes.*
  123. Run through the reflection pool fountain.
  124. Go bowling.
  125. See a show at Symphony Hall.
  126. See my picture in admissions materials.
  127. Sing karaoke at Our House.
  128. Graduate.

* denotes something technically done, but has room for improvement.

Final Score as of 5/22/16: 81.5% Complete

So what do you think? Is there anything I’m missing? Anything you’re down to help me out with?

This is it, ladies and gentleman. Let’s live it up, throw it down, and make the most of every moment I have left in this beautiful city.

Love always,


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