4 Wineries You Must See in Coonawarra

Since harvest this year’s running pretty late, the team was nice enough to give us a four day weekend for Australia Day. They even set us up with a ute and swags, so naturally we went as far away as possible.

We caught some rays and camped at the 42 Mile Crossing just south of Meningie, and then worked out way inland towards Mt. Gambier and the blue lake. But of course that wasn’t enough, so we went to one more beach in Nelson, Victoria before heading up to Coonawarra.

The Coonawarra itself was a great little region. With all the wineries pretty much lining the main street, it made it easy to hit the ones we wanted all in a day’s work. So after camping next to some vineyards, we set out the next morning to see what this place was all about.

Definitely Worth Visiting:

Bowen – Had exactly three wines to try-a Chardonnay, Shiraz, and a Cab-and all were phenomenal. By far my favorite.

Wynns – Good wines and a great experience. With nothing that along with Penfolds this is one owned by Treasury Wine Estates. My favorites included the 2014 Wynns Select Vineyard V & A Lane Shiraz, 2013 Coonawarra Estate Black Label Cab and 2013 Limited Release Coonawarra Cab.

Redman – The oldest one we found. They had a really cool basket-pressed, cellar door only Shiraz (2014 “The Last Row) and great red blends.

Balnaves – I enjoyed most of their wines and the sparkling Cab. It was a bit of a bummer we couldn’t taste the Tally but their beautiful outdoor space with games made up for it.

Could Live Without:

Patrick – Cool because they make a nice cider with apples from the region and have olive oils for tasting. Their wines however were nothing to write home about.

Majella – Got lured because the lady at Wynns said they had a sparkling Shiraz but the only thing I liked was their Merlot.

The woman at Wynns also said there was a neat one by the campground that wasn’t on the map, but by the end we were just too wined out. All in all though a solid day with solid wines in a region off the beaten path.


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