My Life as the Bachelorette

Unlike America, down under we have no idea what’s going on with The Bachelor. I have no idea who Corinne is, if anyone truly wants her to win or even the name of the actual bachelor. All I know is living with a bunch of boys right now makes me feel like the bachelorette, and I absolutely love it.

They’re a solid bunch to begin with: smart, funny, respectful. But I think what I like most about them is just how damn easy going they are. We can be out raising hell or literally hanging out on the couch all day and it’s always a good time. I give them their space and they give me mine, we throw back a few and it all works out fine.

Is not the first time I’ve lived with the opposite sex either. My roommate senior year was a guy so I’m used to the toilet seat forever being left up and, as much as I love them, general lack of cleanliness.

These boys however are sharp. Maybe it’s because of our industry or just who they are but I never have to worry about cleaning up their messes. They have their shit together, and just as we would never leave a mess unattended in the winery they’re always tidying up after themselves. It’s honestly a miracle.

I’ve even had one-on-one dates with each of them. Eric was the first, with ocean-side drinks our first night in Adelaide, and even though we had literally just met it was great. Two days later when I met Josh, he quickly convinced me to go on a hike with him and both the views and conversation were incredible. On our first day off, Gerrit and I biked the Riesling Trail and conquered just as many miles as we did wines. So really Johnny’s the only one left unless you count Netflix and chill.

We’ve even been to exotic destinations together like McLaren Vale this past weekend. I mean wine tasting and two days at the beach? What more could a girl ask for?

Of course I miss my chicks but I’m starting to feel like Jess from New Girl had it all figured out. One girl plus three or four guys actually makes a pretty good time.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day America! Here’s to hoping you all get the rose you deserve.


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