My Australian Pocket Dictionary

Four months in the making, consider this my gift to anyone ever going to Australia. Even if you’re not going anytime soon I hope you get as much a kick out of it as I have. Warning: Foul language ahead!

You crazy Aussies, you.

Arvo – afternoon
Apron – tarmac
Aussie – Australian
Bathers – swimsuit
Beanstraw – hay
Beetroot – beets
Bogin – hick
Bottle shop – liquor store
Bottle-o – liquor store
Bum – butt
Capsicums – bell peppers
Car park – parking lot
Cellar door – tasting room
Cheeky bugger – sneaky boy
Cheers – thanks
Chuck a uie – pull a u-ie
Chucking a sickie – calling in sick
Chuck it in his doot – put it in his rear
Ciggie – cigarette
Cop shop – police station
Cossie – swimsuit
Cooked – Drunk
Cruiser – a beer
Cunt – bro
Defected – to lose your license
Derro – derelict
The Dole – government assistance
Doing fuck all – doing jack shit
Expiation notice – Parking ticket
Fag – cigarette
Find a root – to get laid
Fucking sick cunt – cool person
Fuck-eyed – drunk
Fuckwit – idiot
Getting pissed – getting drunk
Gherkin – pickle
Give it a go – give it a shot
Grog shop – liquor store
Good on ya – way to be / good job
Got myself in a stitch – got in trouble
Heaps – lots
Hen Party – Bachelorette party
Hey – What
Hire – rent
Jumper – sweater
Left right good night – knocked out
Legend – incredible
Lid – helmet
Lolly – sweets
Maccas run – McDonalds run
Massive – anything huge
Maggot – drunk
Missus – girlfriend
Mozzies – mosquitos
Oy oy oy – hey hey hey
Oz – Australia
Petrol – gas
Playsuit – jumper
Pokies – slot machines
Puppy pile – cuddle puddle
Rock up – arrive
Rocket – arugula
Savvy – Okay
Shops – the grocery store
Shut ya ole – shut your face
Skids – skidding your car
Skits – fuckin nuts
Skol – chug
Smash – To quickly do something
Smashable – drinkable / chug-able
Stitch – joke / mess
Straya – Australia
Stubbie – beer can
Sultanas – raisins
Sunnies – sunglasses
Swag – sleeping bag
Sweet as – awesome
Ta – thank you
Texters – markers or pens
Thongs – flip flops
Thrashed – overdone
Too easy – perfect
Torch – flashlight
Tucker – dinner
Tyres – tires
Ute – truck
Vintage – harvest

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