Life, Luck, and a Legit Women’s Watch

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Call it kismet, karma or fate, but sometimes I feel oddly lucky.

Take this morning for example. I was halfway to work before I realized I desperately needed gas and there wasn’t anything for 20 miles. Luckily I made it to a station, but then immediately realized I had left my wallet at home.

Yes, I forget a lot of things. No, not usually my wallet, but I had tossed it in my gym bag and so it goes. All I had with me was my laptop and… as I dug deeper… a few used Starbucks gift cards… AND a credit card I had misplaced in October! I had never cancelled it because I knew it was somewhere, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out where.

And there it was, right when I needed it most.

Sometimes, it’s winning things. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the amount of giveaways available through Instagram has skyrocketed in recent months and I’m about it. This spring, I won a box full of delicious vegan granola bars. And last month I won a giveaway for Jord and finally had a good excuse to get myself a nice, grown-up watch.

Because let’s be honest: I’m not the most organized person. And while sometimes luck saves me it’s something I’m constantly working on, especially now that I’m out in the real world. I’m turning 25 in a few months, have a great job and am very aware of both my strengths and weaknesses. As I’m learning in Ray Dalio’s book Principles right now, weaknesses are just obstacles we need to successfully navigate if we want to accomplish anything.

So how does change happen? One step at a time. And although I’m not really one for wearing things on my wrist, there is some sort of magic that happens when I put this baby on. Suddenly, I’m the young professional I always aspired to be. People have asked me the time and I have known, all without touching my phone. It’s incredible.

Women's Fashion Watch

Like many millennials, I too am at the point where I am trying to use my phone less because:

  1. It’s healthier for you, and
  2. I get seriously sidetracked every time I look at it, and
  3. Time is precious

And so far it’s working. It hasn’t completely changed my phone habits, but it’s enough for me not to care to check it when out at dinner or sitting in class. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Many of you probably already have amazing little machines of your own, but if you’re in the market for a new one click here for the chance to win $100 off your own Jord Watch! Much of their wood is sourced from fallen trees and recycled furniture, and they only treat their watches with natural substances.

Wine Watch

I should also mention Gerrit now has a snazzy one of his own too, and he’s obsessed. To take a look at more women’s and men’s watches, or Gerrit’s specifically click here.

*Gerrit’s  Wooden Wrist Watch was offered in exchange for our opinions. Mine was legitimately bought. Neither of us regret a thing.

His and Hers Wood Watch


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I absolutely LOVE that story. I lose things all the time too and it can be so scary sometimes haha but things always have a way of working out when you need them to don’t they? Also those watches are gorgeous!

    1. Hannah DeYoung says:

      Haha yes they always do!! Thanks so much!

  2. Aysia says:

    Love this! So lucky you had that credit card! p.s. cool shots of the watches I really love it!

    1. Hannah DeYoung says:

      Thanks so much I really appreciate it!

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