A Butterfly and Me

When asked what kind of animal I’d be, I usually respond in one of three ways: a dog, an eagle or a butterfly. Now the dog and eagle explanations are simple. A dog because of how much simple things make me happy and my loyalty to those I love. An eagle because of my wanderlust spirit and independence. But the butterfly always seems to confuse people.

To me, the butterfly is the symbol of metamorphasis since in its own life it transforms from a little creature always eating to one that dances through the world around it. For years I have been fascinated by humanity’s resistance to change. It is literally inevitable, but we can almost never accept it without a fight. Even biologically, it’s a fact we can’t stay the same for long. We’re constantly growing, aging, changing from the second we’re conceived. So why not embrace it?

Butterflies get this. In their lifetime they transform themselves from a ground-bound over-eater into something beautiful that can fly. And in my own life I’m doing the same thing, constantly cocooning my self and breaking free again piece by piece. Each time I take my new form and live the life I love, there’s no stopping me. Remember: those who embrace change always win.


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