An Ode to Summer

The past three months of my life have been completely surreal, yet at the same time classically me. And although words usually come easy, for some reason this summer is different. So I’m going to try something new.

I’m going to show you
what my summer’s been like.
cause it’s been busy
but relaxing
and dull
crazy, daring, adventurous,
and traditional
the only way I’m starting to think my summers can be.

so first I went to Italy
where I tripped over ancient ruins
sunbathed every weekend
and ate far too much gelato
(mi dispiace, no mi dispiace)
but never got lost
only fell in the Trevi once
and made it out 8 credits richer.

then summer camp
for the 10th time (which was extra weird)
cause there were far too many tears
and goodbyes.

[   Insert Venice,
best friend adventures
a swimming pool
homemade band shirts
and ping pong balls
here   ]

and of course there was the epic road trip to Vancouver
which alone would have made summer amazing
thanks to all the new places
kind faces
open homes
free breakfasts
long scenic drives
folky music
impromptu concerts
and good food along the way.

a day or two later Carisa and I ran a 5K
where we got sprayed with color along the way
saw Stockton, Sacramento,
and much more I-5 love.

and then it got a little more normal
plus a lot more yoga
until I went to San Diego twice in three days
led a class or three on positivity
saw old 4-H friends
drove home and to Agoura
(cause the night was still young)
and played cards
and hide-and-go-seek
and pool kayaked
and watched the meteors shower
and fell asleep to the sunrise.
( or maybe that is normal?
who knows anymore )

throw in another few reunions
beach days
work days
1,000,000 more smiles
and I guess you’ve almost got it.



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