It’s February.

And it’s already been one heck of a year.

Last fall I rushed Sigma Sigma Sigma and it completely changed my Northeastern experience. Looking back I can see now that our amazing dialogue in Rome was the start of something even bigger. On that trip, I bonded with three of my future sisters, which led me to do recruitment, which led me to Sigma, which has brought me to this moment today. When I can’t bear the thought of leaving the city for coop this fall and miss getting 30 new sisters. Can’t bear the thought of leaving everyone behind, even to start a new adventure. Don’t get me wrong–adventures are still my thing. And I still plan to go on them as much as possible. Whenever possible. But right now, I think I’d like to stick with this one for a little longer. Because that silly little dialogue led me to a new sense of home I never dreamed possible.

Perhaps I’ll go back to LA for a few weeks this summer, back to the familiar sights, sounds, tastes of California where I know I belong. Because I still miss everyone, but I know they’ll be there when my time comes to return. And that I still love them no matter where I am. And for right now, this is where I need to be.

I love this. Seeing something through.

It’s time to apply to coops again but this time, I’m ready. I’m going to find an awesome opportunity in this city that actually pays, and I’m going to work. Work hard. And learn. And get experience. And grow. Because that’s what we do. Life changes, and we change, but we learn from everything around us until we get somewhere new in life. It’s how we’re built. Wired, even. And I love it.

I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I can feel myself getting more focused. On what I want to do after graduation, that is. I have a few ideas. I know what I’m good at. What I want. What I need. What I don’t need. I’m closing in on it. Now all that’s left is to try. To give something my 110% and see where it gets me. To seize opportunities and network and practice like crazy until I’m the best of the best.

So here I am. Only question is, are you ready for this?


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