22 Before 22

With the school year starting and everyone’s agendas already filling up, I thought I’d take a moment and think about what I’d love to accomplish this year. Of course there are the obvious things: building great relationships, excelling with the responsibilities and roles I’ve already found myself in, pursuing future careers, etc. But to make sure I don’t forget to have fun and keep exploring on the way, a list was definitely in order.

I’ll admit, I totally stole the idea from Millennial Abroad. As he said, “The reason I love this project is because Steph has set parameters for herself that fall perfectly in line with one of our favourite mantras: ‘be gentle with yourself’. The list is meant to be a source of inspiration and to put a focus on having new adventures, as opposed to stressing about ticking off every single box,” so that’s the goal. I’ll try to post about each one as they happen, but you know. I’m an ENFP and life happens.

Wish me luck!

  1. Volunteer
  2. Pay it forward
  3. Go on a road trip
  4. Try 3 new recipes
  5. Leave the country
  6. Read 3 new books
  7. Build a blanket fort
  8. Bartend a big event
  9. Help someone move
  10. Learn a full song on piano
  11. Learn a full song on guitar
  12. GoPro something really cool
  13. Start a great research project
  14. Produce a video I’m really proud of
  15. Help someone go vegan for a week
  16. Get Gainsborough to start recycling
  17. Go kayaking in a see-through kayak
  18. Learn what it takes to run a vineyard
  19. Speak only Spanish for an entire day
  20. Meet + interview a complete stranger
  21. Finally watch all the Star Wars movies
  22. Help organize a leadership conference or retreat

What’s on your list?


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