Why Winemaking Matters

The only reason I’m writing this (because really, who needs another reason to love wine) is because of this scene from Sideways: a movie ridiculed for its average acting and snail-pace story line. While the movie may have been rough, this passage Virginia Madsen delivers really spoke to me. But I didn’t want to just steal her words. So here, in my opinion, is what makes wine so great.

It tells a story.

Humans have been making wine for thousands of years. Although the methods and purpose may have changed a little since 4000 BC, the act of sharing wine is timeless. Wine is the embodiment of the year and region it comes from, the hundred if not thousands of hands it touched to get to you, and the moment in which you choose to drink it. No two bottles, even of the same vintage, may be the same. It’s deeply rooted in ancient culture and while today we have no problem picking up a bottle for dinner, knowing the origin makes all the difference.

It tastes great.

And if you don’t think so, it’s time to question exactly what you’ve been drinking. It’s simple: Not every wine is for everybody. So do some research and find what works for you! And by research, I mean drink.

In case you don’t know, here’s how to drink smart.

It’s (relatively) good for you.

Or at least science says so. New studies keep coming out each year that attest to its physical, mental and emotional benefits. But if that’s not enough for you, see three and remember: everything in moderation.

The process is amazing.

And by process I don’t just mean the science, I’m talking about the people that make it happen. From France to Australia, South America to South Africa, the industry is packed with tireless, passionate people. From 12+ hour days during harvest to the meticulous topping and record keeping year round, winemaking’s no joke. Learn more about how it works and I promise you’ll respect them more too.

The places are amazing.

Turns out where vines grow best also happen to be some of the most picturesque places on the planet. From Napa to Tuscany, it’s not just the wines that will take your breath away. Rows upon rows of vineyards covering hills and mountainsides in temperate climates can be seen across the globe, and make the experience of getting to know a region and the wines within it that much more enticing.

Even if it’s complete shit, you share it with people you love.

While it can certainly be drunk alone, wine is meant to be shared. With your friends, with your family, or even someone you just met, it’s an experience and hopefully a pleasant one at that. So the next time you go to purchase a bottle, think about who you might someday share it with and remember; it’s all in good fun.


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