An Aussie Life for Me

Walking out of the airport, I quickly realized two things:

  1. It was summer.
  2. I had no idea where my hostel was or what it was called.

Luckily about a second later, a guy my age walked towards me and asked, “Are you Hannah?” Sure enough it was the other intern, Eric, who had picked me out by my winery shoes.

Our first few days in Adelaide were a bit of a trip. From Glenelg beach to Rundle Mall (LA, think 3rd Street) and Henley to the Central Market (Seattle, Pike Place) there was actually a lot to do. My personal favorites involed taking the free bikes to the beach and hiking Morialta Falls with one of the other interns, Josh. Not to mention the food.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though. There was the whole getting a phone working in a foreign country thing and of course, the sunburns.

For those who don’t know, there is in fact a hole in the ozone layer thanks to global warming (yeah, it exists) that happens to let the sun’s harmful rays shine right down on Australia. So in case you ever wondered why those blokes are so tan, now you know. Turns out it’s not just the culture.

But once you get past the worst sunburn of your life and constant fear of skin cancer, South Australia can be a pretty fun place!

After five days of hanging out and exploring, it was time for the three of us to go. Arriving (or rocking up, as they say) to Clare Valley, we quickly realized two more things:

  1. Clare had exactly three bars.
  2. The only wifi was in town.

Which makes life so much fun if you’re here for four months. On the bright side, three of the four we’ll be so busy we won’t even have time to realize there’s no wifi. And as for the bars, we have five people under 30 all working for a winery living in one house. Every night can be a bar if we want it.

Did I mention I live with all boys?

Anyway that’s all for now. The bar is calling.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annabelle George says:

    You living with all boys? Somehow I am NOT surprised.

  2. Hannah DeYoung says:

    It’s like living with Cohen on steroids.

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