8 Great Things I Do Between Jobs

Yesterday I started my first big girl job ever. Pretty rad, I know. But for the past month, or two or three, I had been spiraling trying to figure out what was next, praying for an interview.

But it turns out, my time wasn’t wasted. While I may have watched slightly more Netflix than usual, I also worked on lots of personal projects and made a few extra bucks. Besides madly applying for anything even remotely interesting, here’s how I spent my days before getting a job.

To Make Money:


I am the worst about coupons. I never remember to use them, but I always remember to bring my phone to the store so this works perfectly for me. On Ibotta you can search by what store you’re at to see what deals they can offer you on top of the store’s sales. So for instance if boxes of pasta are two for $3.00, and Ibotta gives you $0.50 each up to 5 boxes, I would get 4 boxes for $4.00.

I like to search what they have before I go to the store so I can save it to my offers so it’s easier to find. And even if they don’t have anything you want or need that day, there’s often a $0.25 off coupon for any item. Not to mention the incredible deals they have for online shopping, Amazon, and Uber.

You can cash out to Venmo every time you reach $20, and I’ve had it since October and have already earned $184.71. To sign up, click here.


Do you like dogs? Are you good with dogs? Then making a few extra bucks on the weekends is a no-brainer with Rover. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, you can start dog walking and sitting tomorrow, and you set your own prices for every service. All the puppy kisses, please.


I only briefly used this at the end, but man is it a game changer for anyone with employable skills. You can list any ‘offer’ to the world through the app, and people can search for you, buy your offer and pay you through the app. So for instance I offered social media consulting and was able to help out a few clients for a very reasonable price. And vice-versa, if you need help on the cheap it’s a slam dunk.

To join, click here.


Although I didn’t use it this time around because my registration may or may not be missing, I’ve Ubered in the past and really enjoyed it. Although you don’t always make the best money, driving in Napa was pretty fun since it’s mostly tourists and kind locals. I also made sure to never drive at night because I myself was once in college and know what drunk people do to cars.

For Fun:


This lovely gem right here got a lot more attention than usual, and I loved every minute of it. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine, and although I have lots of ideas I rarely set aside the time to write them down so time off is great for that.

I also got a lot more involved in the blogger community through Facebook and Instagram which was fascinating. I modeled for a skin care line in Napa, interviewed a Japanese start-up and joined a lot of empowering girl groups which have been incredibly supportive. No ragrets.


Yes, it’s true. While I still didn’t go to the gym nearly enough, it was much harder to procrastinate when I literally had all the time in the world. Here’s to hoping I can still find time for it with two jobs, an hour long commute each way and night school.


Made by the Rising Tide Society, if you’re in a creative industry this app will revolutionize your life. Through HoneyBook I modeled for two budding photographers, got my hair cut for free by an incredible stylist, and made plans to meet up with other creatives throughout the spring. It’s as easy as posting for help in your area and responding to others seeking support with their projects.

New friends, great content, and amazing adventures? Check-mate.


When things get busy I never read as much as I want to, but luckily funemployment makes it easier to justify staying up an extra 30 minutes. If we’re being honest though, I still have yet to finish the first book I started (but I’m close!) because it feels so much harder now than when I was 13. As much as I love it I blame social media since the average attention span is now less than 8 seconds.

Honorable mentions go to gardening, household cleaning, scheduling doctor’s appointments and running errands. What do you do in your free / funemployed time? Let me know in the comments!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joy says:

    Fun post, thanks for sharing those suggestions to make extra money, I used to pet sit but it didn’t work well [cause it’s not very known in Lebanon and people would rather make their maid take care of their dog than pay a random person]


    1. Hannah DeYoung says:

      Of course! And that’s so interesting I had no idea! Hopefully you found another way to make a little extra money.

  2. Donna Shutt says:

    Its very interesting to see how resourceful you are in your spare time, empowering! You’ve always fascinated me on how industrious and free spirited you are. Keep it up.

    1. Hannah DeYoung says:

      Thanks I will!

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